Kobe #1 – streets

Kobe is a secondary city nested in the shadow of Osaka and it is a bit of a shame as it has lovely people and a European flavour to its lifestyle.

In Kobe, you will find the seaside with a nice walk around, a beautiful garden at the top of the mountain to admire the landscape over the sea. It was among the 1st cities the Dutch and Portuguese approached (with Nagasaki) as Kobe used to be the port of Kyoto, the imperial capital. Therefore, Kobe is known for the bread and pastries because of this past.

In the very center, you will find arches like in Milan or Melbourne with pretty cafes and terraces, very peaceful and friendly.


Never wrote about Asakusa because I dont like it!!

This is one of the highlights of Tokyo for tourism. In the north of the city at the last stop of the Ginza line, it is supposed to be a flagship of shrines and temples to visit.

It is fun if you like crowds, you will yourself Monday to Sunday, Morning to Evening, among a huge crowd of Americans, Chinese, Koreans, etc, many of them renting a yukata for the day and looking weird in the outfit.

You will take a chance and buy a fortune teller, which must create a fortune for its owner only, imagine JPY100 each, selling over 10000 a day!!

My advice? If you are going around Japan, just skip this one, please take a chance to Koya San or Ise Shrine or even Kyoto, more authentic, peace, spiritual in most places and a real taste of what Japan is. If you only come to Tokyo, then, try to go as early as you can on a weekday and definitely avoid Friday, Saturday and Sundays

Okonomiyaki – Hiroshimayaki

Osaka prides itself for the okonomiyaki, Hiroshima as well, I prefer the Hiroshima version, not sure why as it is equally fat, greasy and unhealthy!! but it is fun

I like to go to Goemon, fun place, not touristic, small, lively, fun

try it!


Ageing population is a global risk

The press after the G20 economy held in Fukuoka this week recognises the impact of ageing population


Did you know that in Japan, from 40 of age, you start paying a tax to prepare for the elderly care, that goes from your salary

How will we prepare with homes, care, hospitals, services, food delivery, loneliness, employment (In Japan, this is already a nationwide issue)??


among my top 5 visits in Japan, beautiful and colourful


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