Energy and Japan

Just like recycling, I was not too impressed and very surprised by the Japanese approach to energy consumption.

The climate does not help but overall everyone uses air con and heating full on and year round. In the winter, Japanese feel the cold much more than westerners and it is common to find offices heated to 26/27!! in the summer, the heat is tremendous so aircon go in offices 24/7 and in houses too, usually, from August, the government displays signs that we should keep aircon during night time too to avoid “natsubate” – heatstroke that takes many people to A&E every summer time

with the ageing population, those phenomenons will only accentuate. However, renewable energy is absolutely not on the agenda. Coal remains the main supllier as the cheapest, followed by nuclear power, sadly very famous after 2011 disaster


Tateyama – beauty

This mountain can only be visited from Mid April to Mid November once the road is open, you can only go with the organised tour but it is worth


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This was during Golden Week and we got told that the walls go up to 16m high. when comes the time, the Toyama prefectures has 2 huge machines that create the road you see, it was a sunny day, we were at 5 degrees. we loved it

It seems that Taiwanese love the place but other than that, it is mostly Japanese tourists.


Kurobe dam – Kuruyon

Kurobe dam was built at the end of the 1950’s and many people died (over 150) in the making, it is the tallest dam in Japan. This was made to face the rapid growth of needs in the industrial expanding Japan at the time.

It remains a hot spot for visits for japanese families. It becomes also a trending spot for tourist groups who combine with the Alpine Route (Tateyama)

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I did the tour combined with the Alpine route but I must say this was too much of a heavy day, starting at 5am in Toyama and coming back at 20h00.

My recommendation is to do the tour on a one-day tour from Nagano and enjoy the view, the fresh air and the altitude. take your picnic as there are little options for food there. of course, many vending machines available!

Asakusa – views

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Alpine Route – Tateyama – overview


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