Summarizing – my favorite foods

This sauce is a soja sauce with yuzu, full of flavor, easy to buy from the supermarket. Very full taste so no need for anything else, no salt, no oil etc.. making it a very healthy and easy seasoning (a bit salty I know but hey ho)
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Summarizing – my favorite places

Takao San
Mount Takao is about an hour train away from Shinjuku train station, take the takaosanguchi train til the end
This is the closest mountain to Tokyo, a great nature outdoor day, about 3 hours walking up easy hike, on a slow pace, family friendly, a great day out
You may take the cable car and enjoy the views with less effort
Down in the village are a lot of small shops with tsukemono, soba, chestnuts, souvenirs
After a day out, the treat is to book Ukai Toriyama (they provide free shuttle every 20mn from the train station). This place has been here for decades, this is a reconstruction of an ancient village, gradually, the owners have dismantled and brought old houses from Gokayama region, some of them are registered buildings. Each house is a table of the restaurant, the houses form a village and waiters walk from house to house, one of them hosts the grill for the river fish, an amazing garden and even a small botanic park complete this unique place
Highly recommended, a moment in time, book long in advance, especially if you plan to go for sakura season or autumn leaves (6 to 8 weeks in advance)

10 things I will not miss



Convenience stores (konbini) are everywhere in Japan and open 24/7. This is where I pay my bills in cash, get my cash from the machine.

Salarymen get a shirt and underwear for those days where they missed the last train and slept in a capsule hotel.

People tend to buy their snacks and lunches there.

I was never a fan and never got into it. There is no soul, employees are for the most part underpaid Nepalese or other immigrants. that does not leave you with the best mood, it is all ready made foods with loads of wrapping, industrial salty food, drinks in cans, not really my thing.

I tried to use their machines for copies, printing and ticketing and never got my way through.

With the Japan aversion to immigration, the rapid population shrink and the labor shortage, there are talks about reducing opening hours and even closing some of them.

I wonder how Japan will be in 10 years, not only for konbini but also lifestyle…

Summarizing #8 – my favorite parks


What I like about this one is

  • the location – Shiodome metro stop, so very central, easy to reach, you may go even for a short moment
  • the size – it is large and sets you out of the city for a moment
  • the tea house – a moment out of time, sitting there and enjoying a pastry and tea while admiring the trees, let your shoes off at the entrance of this beautiful wooden house


#4 summarising – my top 10 favorite places

Osaka is special to me. It is noisy, the place for trade, shopping, streetfood, good week ends, great people.

Honestly, not much to visit but quite an atmosphere.

Reiko San and Chikako San introduced me to ramen, and to Tenma. I always had a great time in Osaka and spent quite a few week ends there on my own, shopping and walking around, observing people, truly a special place

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