New Emperor

With the new emperor, we are discovering a year round full of secretive sometimes and at least never seen before rituals and events, yesterday was the once in the reign rituel to Daijosai, this creates discussions around cost, division between state and religion, etc.


Here is something very funny, practical and interesting of Japan

Every year, you must complete a health check that your employer will fund up to 100% (some companies even request twice a year). For foreigners, there are some clinic who provide Chinese or English speaking doctors and you need to pay a premium for the service. The intent here is to anticipate and prevent diseases.

The system is remarkable. In just under 3 hours, you will complete a lot of tests in a beautiful place that provides you with a pyjama, you go from one test to the next, very politely guided by an army of employees. I love it

in this half day, you will have completed Electrocardiogram, Digestive echography, chest and lung x-ray, auditive test, eye check, blood pressure, blood test, lung capacity, barium test for stomach view. amazing!!



Post typhoon

Gym in Japan

Wherever I have lived, the very 1st thing I do, even before I move, is subscribe to the gym, if the classes I usually join are not there, I would reconsider my move, seriously

it creates and maintains a routine, creates life balance in the middle of a stressful phase. Japan is no different and I subscribed to a gym soon as I arrived.

Now, I am one of those Les mills joiners and I can confirm this creates a sense of community, I have made many friends around the world thanks to their classes. Once a year, sometimes twice, they are in town and do a “live” day of classes, very fun for all. this is where you see another side of the Japanese personality, excited, extravert, colorful, fun, friendly and extraordinarly open




Nice experience to go to Rugby World Cup matches in Japan

My 1st match placed me in the Japanese section in the stadium, very friendly, people not always knowledgeable on rugby but keen to be part of the event, all happy with any action

the 2nd match was the bronze final and this was very different, there were people who had ended up here by accident, all nations were present depending on the package they had initially purchased, sad New Zealanders who expected to be in the final, angry Welsh keen to win, Australians not sure why they were here, all in all a very awkward atmosphere.

in both cases, I was happy to be there


on Friday November 1st, the Emperor and Empress emeritus attended the 2nd half and that has been a moment of great emotion for the public with the whole stadium (almost 49.000 people) stood up applausing them


we also had a moment of silence to remember the victims of Hagibis typhoon, very moving


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