some things need to change

no comment…have a read and re-think

many other countries could think too, France for example where there is a double view on this, there are strict rules but we all know women who went to doctors and doctors said they had no proof and would not certify. we all know women who go to police and police tells them off



Japan – Dynasties in Politics

From the western world, we perceive Japan as a very advanced democracy with a cycle of political crisis, prime ministers changing often

Once  you live here for a while, you realise that ministers are ministers’sons and grandsons and that nothing really ever changes

the latest is that Koizumi Junior becomes a minister at 38, that is remarkable in a country where age matters to take responsibilities. he is the son of Koizumi, prime minister in the early 2000’s, who himself was the son of a former foreign minister. I am hoping he will change a few things in environment and bring the government to a more modern era, Reiwa please Koizumi San, Reiwa!!

Reading – bending adversity is a very documented book around the society and there is extensive part on politics, notably Suga San, Abe San and Koizumi San as well as the relationships with China and Korea, US, highly interesting and insightful



post typhoon

So the typhoon was bigger than we thought last monday, it is very confusing here in Japan when you get a typhoon, the structures are so good that you don’t really feel the strength and feel very secure.

Now, I realise that Chiba was very affected and that many people are still without power or water after 4 days while none of the buildings are affected, transport work as usual now.



amazing story

This made me emotional, and it is so in the moment with Rugby World Cup kicking off in  a week!

what a courage


no mountain high enough


from Mid August to end September roughly is typhoon season, these tropical storms are formed in the Pacific ocean and head towards the Philippines or Hong Kong before curving, that means they are at full strength when they reach Okinawa or Kyushu and move towards the north in a curve, at worst, they reach Tokyo as tropical rain

Last year, 2018 though and this year, the pattern varies and we just had a typhoon that make landfall in the Shizuoka area, just south of Tokyo, that means the typhoon hit Tokyo still a category 4 storm. This Monday 9th september, from 3.30am, loud speakers around the city were instructing us to stay safe at home. trains and planes were not operating and schools opened from 10.00am.

My building was cracking under the strong wind from 3.30 to 8.30 then suddenly all was clear, the sky cleared, we could see a very clear Mount Fuji and the sunset was amazing

Today, the day after, Narita is in chaos as many flights were cancelled, 14000 people stranded, trains damaged, many delays, it will take a while to get things back on track


luckily, this is Japan, there are damages and 3 people died but the structure is so good that trains were able to start operating 1 hour after the typhoon. there were massive queues, and still are but this is nothing if you compare with other countries, think of Puerto Rico last year or even New Orleans years ago, still not 100% back. Japan is admirable

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