Transport and discipline

Because of the density of population and the commuting time that can be extreme in the large metropolis in Japan, people have developed a very efficient system of queues on platforms.

You should not use your mobile phone on the train, have them on silent mode at any time. Imagine if everyone was going to call and shout!!

you should stand in line and wait for your turn to step in or out

you should walk on the left and not moan!

and the list goes on. the only surprising thing is that at peak hours, Japanese sometimes become ruthless just to squeeze in the coaches, you will get push, walked over, pushed out like a jack in a box!!




How cute Strawberry Buffet

This has now moved on but will come again, what a beauty! AND delicious

Metro in Tokyo

Taking the metro in Tokyo is an experience in itself if you are coming from Europe.

The metro is a lot more packed but also a lot more civilised. At any given time of the day, it will be busy! Peak Hours for businessmen is usually around 21h30 once they left the office and finished their drinking session with colleagues for example.

Mornings are a challenge where you are literally squeezed in coaches by the flow of people and little chance to escape, when the coach opens at the platform, you are also literally expulsed by the pressure released!


Shinagawa at 15h00, nothing crazy, midday!!


Toyama – good food

Because the city is close to the Sea of Japan and has quality water from the mountains (Japanese Alps), because of the rice culture and so on, this region is famous for excellent cuisine, vegetables, fish, sushi etc

One evening, we enjoyed Sushi at Ebi Zushi – えびずし. Iit is close to the city center, walking distance, in a quiet street out of the shopping area, excellent, tatami rooms as well as counter, I had a blast!! (again)

One typical thing from Toyama is white shrimp (photo above), delicate taste, and you can eat it all including skin!


KitKat is a phenomenom in Japan. Nestle has so far launched over 350 different types of Kit Kat with limited editions and seasonal launches

the latest Fall collection has just been announced and will be about Sweet Potato

The whole craziness around this comes from a typical Japanese expression Kitto Katsu – きっと勝つ. 

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This means “you will make it no doubt” this is a typical expression for students when they take exams. Nestle, from this, started to develop a lot of flavours and, in Japan, there is even a small white square at the back of the packaging for your personal message


We even have Chocolatory Cafes around that theme, with an ice cream menu etc. Take a look

The KitKat Chocolatory Ginza - Handmade Chocolate And Sweets


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