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Fish has always been among my favourites, so living in Japan feels like landing in paradise, you have so much choice, always of quality.

Here is a restaurant on my top list, in Nogizaka, walking distance from Roppongi, 2 blocsk from Midtown shopping, called Uoshin Nogizaka. From outside, it looks like nothing, inside as well, haha, but the food is great and there is a nice atmosphere, I am a regular there. In season, they serve fugu. But on a normal visit, I will always go for sashimi, hairy crab and grilled octopus, delicious!


Shibuya Festival

Even the famous big Shibuya crossing is a proper district and has traditions! with the festival early September, it is very weird to see those people walking around the crossing among fascinated and surprised tourist, plenty of traditional drums and music!

Tea in Japan

tea consumption tends to reduce simply because the society has changed, young generations have more access, receive more solicitations towards coffee, coffee shop, big names around coffee. this is also because the older generation is reducing in number

all in all, tea makers in Japan are trying to develop new concepts to boost their sale before it becomes a real challenge

I only attend this tea shop in Kagurazaka because it is family owned, they have a large choice and you can taste. it is very simple but I like it. it is located up the main street just opposite the shrine


Tokyo Metro

Here is another special metro design featuring the anime characters that Japanese love so much. Not sure how they make it that those appear randomly for a short period, not sure whether this is sponsoring, advertising, seasonal program from Tokyo Metro, or what. Anyone has an explanation?

The beauty of Tokyo

Autumn – blue sky – full light – refreshing

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