I am sure this will be the longest chapter here… I cannot remember how many I have been to Mexico, how many cities I visited, there was a time where I could remember all the states of the Republica.  Where shoud I start? 1st impression : colours everywhere, smells everywhere (good or bad), chaos in Mexico

The first time I went there was an experience in itself as it was my first long haul travel as well as transcontinental. I remember clearly I was sitting at 24A in the plane when a very rude guy came in, insulting the crew, asking for an upgrade, I thought "by the look of it, I am sure he will be with me for the whole week in the group", and it was the case! I had to stand for one entre week.

So flight Paris Mexico on the way to Guadalajara, at the airport, our friend Jean Mi starts querying about his suitcase, it never turns up, he is moaning around, shouting, walking but it does not appear. In the end, there is one suitcase left and it looks very similar to his…

We checked the label, and it was Albert’s one… but where is Albert? gone to transfer. We still must go through Customs and, in Mexico, you need to press a button, if it turns green, you go ahead, if it turns red, they check everything you have, Jean Mi got Red!! We had to go for Albert, have him go back, explain, exchange luggage, etc.. In the end, after shouts and crys, we got the flight!

Guadalajara, very late at night that Saturday. We were staying at the Camino Real, wonderful place with green gardens, wooden doors to the rooms. On Sunday, while I was having breakfast, the room maids arranged my toiletries by size order on a towel, amazing service and attention to details.  


Breakfast was just fantastic. I tried for the first time,

Huitlacoche, quesadillas, frijoles , chilaquiles verdes, papaye juice, fresh mango, huevos rancheros, huevos divorciados, etc.


It was just fine until this ugly guy came to my table with his son for breakfast, he left for the day and said to the waiter that I was the one paying!! I do speak Spanish and managed this so HE paid for it…disgusting

Off we go for a visit to Tonala and its Sunday market with Albert and Karine… The afternoon was spent in Tlaquepaque which I found nice but very expensive and americanisedI had bought shoes for my niece and little souvenirs that I still keep at home   

On the monday, we went running to Chapala by bus and it was my target for that trip and I had been insisting so much. There was a massive lake where people would fish, the lake is disappearing due to global warming, contamination and all sorts. So we took a bus along with old ladies, farmers, chickens, goat, music, smells…That was the day when I introduced Karine to Vincent!


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