Food in Mexico

If I try to recall the good things I have tried in Mexico, it is an endless list, let’s try though!

Randomly, I can think of the agua de melon, agua de horchata, agua de jamaica,

Above all, I remember all the times I went to the arroyo on Tlalpan, the dancers, the pork roasted under, the frijoles, the quesadillas,

I have been there the first time with Felipe and his children and I had fever, that was in February 03. Then, I went again with Mr Rubio, Humberto many times, Mr Martin, Eric, Anne Sophie, so many people I have dragged there!!! 

I enjoyed very much going for lunch in one of those small restaurant where I would get a menu for 5€ with soup, main course, salad and desert in a friendly atmosphere.

I remember as well the restaurant I tried during my first stay in Mexico, I had Cecina at Mexico Rico with Mr and Mrs Rubio. That one is in Polanco.

However, my favourite meal ever has always been the breakfast and especially in Mexico

– always fruits

– the black bread at La Casona

 – les huevos rancheros – les huevos divorciados– les chilaquiles verdes o rojos (the verdes are just fantastic)

– des frijoles

Jueves de Pozole

especially in Taxco, or in Mexico at the Pozolero, it is a stew that you can get white, red, etc, based on corn (elote), with chicken or pork, broth, chile pepper on top, avocado, etc…

I loved this one so much that I even managed to find it in the UK and buy it online

Puebla and the mole, that one is THE national dish, I used to have it brown with chicken

Oaxaca and the mole

mmm… red, green, brown, at one of the chirringitos at the market, with Chapulines and water melon!

Coatepec – Xico


traditional mole, I would bring back pots of mole from there and cook it for friends visiting in France. I remember cooking this once Vincent and Karine came to the Auvergne

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