United States

I will think of a proper organisation for this big country, I promise!

1st visit to the US in March 2000, I flew with the ex airline AOM, never again, what a trip!

We were flying out of Orly, and had a bomb alert which delayed the flight by 3 hours. We arrived in Los Angeles at 01h00 at night, our chauffeur had gone, we had to call again, get a proper van, and drive down to San Diego,

we checked in at La Jolla when the first clients were coming down for breakfast


Hyatt La Jolla

I enjoyed that part of the country, very sunny, quite, nice landscapes, I remember taking a lot of photos, squirrels, seals along the sea in San Diego

Then, we drove along the Pacific highway through Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, etc, One of my memorable experiences was checking in at the Fess Park Doubletree Resort Santa Barbara,



Davy Crockett built this hotel! You receive cookies while queuing at reception, they tell you they want 100% satisfaction so funny!! then, you have to walk for miles almost as the hotel is so vast, patios, amazing.

Finally, when you go back to reception, the bell boy recognizes you, calls you by your name, remembers your room number, has personal questions for you, I still wonder how they manage this… but it definitely makes you feel important to be recognized


My favourite food during that trip ?? The clam chowder!

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