20km Brussels

25 May 2008 – first time ever

I will be part of the race – I am crazy!! 

We subscribed in March, the whole sales team will go, because of me!! in the end, 27 of us are participating, this is nice to do something together

the meeting point is scheduled at 13h00 int he hotel where we receive our t-shirt , foot cream and chocolate bar, and we leave together by the underground 

the whole thing is extremely well organised, I expected not to be able to run or walk among those 25.000 people but we are all moving

The men are peeing along the fences and that is so funny!! Shame I did not wear any camera, apparently, there was too much of a queue at the toilets and they left them to the ladies

I decided that I would walk all the way, there is no point trying to run in my case, I am not fit enough and I would burn myself out immediately but it is very frustrating to see all those people running pass you, I felt ridiculous and considered turning right towards the hotel at the top of the Rue de La Loi. But, this is precisely where people start to walk !!! I am no longer alone

1st stop, Alexandre and Stéphanie join me to walk until the Tunnel Louise, then, they run again and I won’t see anyone from the team until the finish. 

At the top of Louise, I can see the sign 5km, is that all??? god, it is going to be long…

At the bottom of Louise, a SNCB employee joins me, we walk at the same pace, and decide to walk together, he has a chrono and that will keep us going as we can measure our rythm and push ourselves, we chat as old friends and suddenly, we are in Tervueren, at km17 !!!

Then, I know the place and push him to walk steadily otherwise we are dead, we push and make it in 9mn!!!

It is the finish, we did it!!!

1h37.59 the 10 km, 3h27 in total, +/- 10mn/km, 6.6km/hour, walking all the way, I am happy about myself 

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