Ingrid Betancourt

Wednesday evening, as I am sitting in front of TV with my 2 feet in plaster, I see a breaking news on TV, "Ingrid Betancourt has been released", what a feeling ! I spent the whole evening until very late watching the news and exchanging text messages with my friends who cannot believe it either, it is so unreal, unexpected, unbelievable, sudden, fantastic!

As many people, I had never heard of Ingrid Betancourt until 2001. I discovered her while she was a candidate to the presidential election in her country, the Colombian did not seem to bite so much into it, many considered her as a little rich girl who just thought it was easy to run Colombia with words and ideas when you are daughter of a diplomat.

I was in Bogota when she was kidnapped and I remember the not so nice comments around, at the time, to me, she was Colombian but, because it was my actuality, I became interested, close to the matter, I have been sad when attempts to release her failed, I became part of the support committee, even if I did not really see that such thing would influence or have any power in the case

I also remember I was in Medellin in April 02, I think it was, and that sunday, a peace walk was organised around a father (cannot remember whether it was a priest or an arbisop) and the governor, Guillermo Gaviria, both were kidnapped and one of them was left shotdead later, this shocked me a lot and made me feel a lot for Colombia.

It is such a nice country and the people are so nice. As my friend Jorge says, very rich country, after so many years of war, there is still plenty to eat and the economy still grows, so…

I am happy she is free, I wish her the best possible recover, a future full of joy, I am surprised she does not want to stay longer than 24h in her country 

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