Medellin has a unique feature, it takes longer to fly there than drive from Bogota, nevertheless, there are not many people who decide to drive…

Medellin 006

I have been there 3 times and every time, I enjoyed it more. The 1st time, Carlos Augusto took me there for business. He was the one showing me the Bandeja Paisa!! I was trying to locate my friend Jorge which was not easy at all, provided that you cannot really ask for the yellow pages and find any number…After some help and many phone calls, I eventually landed at his place and left a message. He called me the next day very early morning, I was half asleep in the bathroom when I heard him shouting ‘is it you really?? are you joking?? what are you doing here??’ We were reunited at lunch time in the city centre at the Crepes and Waffles

Medellin 007

I staid at his place during the following visits, I enjoyed that place, it was comfortable, peaceful. They taught me a lot about Colombia, I discovered the city with them, Botero and his statues in front of the town hall, the metro, the pueblo paisa, the Intelligent Building from where they manage the gas and electricity for the whole state of Antioquia.

Medellin 013   

The second time, it was in December and it was the “night of candles”, I love this tradition in Colombia, every family fires candles at home, on the balconies, in the streets, and gathers. That night only, they start illuminating the cities before Christmas.

 Medellin 001

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