Paris – Plaisirs d’Arts

There is a place in Paris where I really enjoy going, at métro Arts et Métiers, Plaisirs d’Arts. Virginie opened this back in 2006.

Open on Sundays, I like the concept, you can pick up either wooden objects to paint and varnish, or china to paint and they will cook them for you or teddy bears to fill.

The teddy bears is really like the british shop thingy, BUT, you really do it yourself, you choose the bear, you also fill it yourself until you are happy with the feeling of it, you insert a heart to give it life, Virignie will sew it for you and will then give you an adoption certificate. You may want to add clothes or even paint them

sacha plaisirs darts

 What I like about it, is that you can stay as long as you want, children love it as much as adults, you can even decide to start painting and come back another day to finish it. It is friendly, a nice time in Paris

plaisirs d'arts

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