The Month of Ramadan started this monday. This is such a special moment for us as well and I would like to thank my friends who taught me how to enjoy this month. I have been fasting for the last 8 years now, and, because I am not moslim, I follow for about 2 weeks only. It gives me a taste of what it is mentally. The great thing about it is that you must not moan or say negative things and that is for me something so important to keep doing.

gamal youssef et ama 12 feb 06

In the past, we would do this along with Mohamed and Magda who moved back to Beni Suef. Last year, in Birmingham, it was great to have Ratbil, Mbareck, Lahsen, Tassadit, Samira and Saida, having soup, then organising dinner together, chatting for hours. This year, the situation is different as we moved again but we have Ali!!!

samira et leanne

To all my friends, enjoy this month

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