Berck, Portsmouth

When we went to Egypt, Sacha had spent his week drawing octopus on a book, all sorts, all colours

In 2007, we hear that there is a kite festival in Berck, during Easter week end, and the theme will be octopus. We could not miss that!

This was our Easter holiday that year. We left Birmingham on the wednesday evening, visited Boulogne, staid in Le Touquet at Axelle’s. On the friday, we visited Le Touquet, the market where Sacha had an opportunity to chat with the fishmongers, discover and touch crabs, lobsters and all sorts, frighten himself as well. Then, we went to Berck along the coast

Berck : it is a classic northern city with blocks along the coast, I like the north of France for the people, the accessibility of people and not the architecture but there you go… All along the beach, were activities, and kites of all sorts, it was marvelous, we could only stay and watch for hours, had a great time

poulpe volant

On the Saturday, we left back to Britain to Brighton, spent the afternoon at the Pier and, on the Sunday, drove to Portsmouth. We had initially planned to drive to Cornwall but loved Portsmouth so much that we stopped there. There is so much to visit and see, why go further?


We came back home on the tuesday, happy, with plenty of nice photos and information.  

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