Mexico, National Day

This week was national day in Mexico. This is a time where you have dance, fireworks, family gatherings around the country, el grito on the 15th, “Viva Mexico”, it is a nice moment. This is also the time to enjoy the Chile en Nogada, national dish gathering the colours of the flag on a plate.

chile en nogada

However, I just read there was a bomb attack in Morelia on the 15th where at least 8 died, what a shame! Don’t they have enough with the Chiapas, the mara salvatrucha, the narcotraffic, AMLO, etc…???

Morelia is on the colonial road, the capital city of Michoacan, where the famous butteflies, I have been there once and I remember having dinner in a very elegant restaurant facing the cathedral. Every Saturday, there is a sound and light show on the cathedral, but that time, they also performed on a Tuesday for a governor visiting the area

I also remember a little anecdot, I had just landed from Bogota on the same day and was still connected on the Colombian way of speaking. My friends Humberto and Jesus as well as the waiter had a great laugh on me when I asked for a Hierba buena after dinner… (literally good herb)


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