Barcelona es bona si la bolsa sona, they say!!!

I spent a couple of days in Barcelona at the beginning of October. This city has changed dramatically in 20 years. I used to live there in 1989-1990 when it was all upside down preparing for the olympics. The city was turned to the interior and it lives now towards the sea. It is trendy and hip!

The new venue I discovered is the Espace Cultural Ample, a gallery in the historic town (el casco antiguo) run by a young chilean couple, modern art but nice place to organise an event, a patio.

We had our event there and were lucky enough to enjoy El Bulli food from their catering department. What can I say?? It is so sophisticated that I am still wondering if it was good or bad!! I loved the olives stuffed with concentrated olive juice in an seaweed juice, that I know!!


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