Oh my shoes on the net

Have a look, I just love the way Marcel writes and I learnt a lot about Brussels on his blog!!
Out of the box thoughts about the meetings industry

Anne-Marie’s patent leather shoes

I swear on my honour, I didn’t know that Anne-Marie Aucouturier would wear patent leather shoes that night. For the 100th anniversary party of ‘Le Palace‘ in Brussels – I think Crowne Plaza Brussels is a nice name too, but not as nice as ‘Le Palace’ – I had put on my best dark suit – I rarely wear something dark – and my patent leather shoes, after the fashion of 1908, like they did in Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. Oh, that Belle Epoque luxury, I was thinking… and who did I see coming towards me, softly galopping in the festively decorated lobby between the lackeys with their side-whiskers and greased quiffs? Anne-Marie, also wearing dark, completely dressed up with precious little patent leather shoes. Our shoes weren’t able to resist the temptation to have a chat during the somptuous gala dinner. Do you know what Anne-Marie’s left shoe asked to my right Clara shoe? Look at the tips of my little shoe and what do you see? The happiest little toes of the evening! A lot of happy people were walking around that night because everything was so stylish but nobody was as happy as Anne-Marie because her shoes had found a pal. The only thing missing were little dancing patent leather shoes like the red ones in the Efteling, but that will come when MIM goes and celebrate its 100th issue extra at Le Palace! Then those shoes will be dancing!

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