This week is a tough one. After less than 4 months fight, Humberto gave up against the disease on Saturday. It is a very difficult moment for all of us to go through and I feel very very sad. From the beginning, I planned to go and had postponed for various professionnal commitment, I have missed my chance to see him and chat as good old days. I will go there in October and be with the family again but I feel empty.

If it was not for him, I dont think I would love Mexico as I do now. I started to go to Mexico in 2000 with no trust in the people, with bad feeling in the streets, an unsafe atmosphere, I could not walk in the streets on my own, taxis were weird. Then, thanks to him, I started to discover the country and the different regions, the people, I started to make friends etc. He changed my view on the country and I learnt a lot from him. In exchange, I convinced him of the beauty of Colombia, he was always teasing him that I loved Mexico but was even more in love with Colombia!

He was a big lover of France and knew so much about the country. He knew Britanny like no one else and surely much better than me. His french was so fluent and perfect, it was heartbreaking for me when I realised he could not speak it any more being so exhausted.

I feel like part of the company, part of the family and will always associate him to Mexico. this is a huge loss for me, everyone says we can have many relations but few real friends, he was one of my 4 unique ones and this is the end of a chapter.


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