Just spent a few days in Auvergne and I am impressed by the downturn in France. I dont know where we are going but we are on the way to a major downturn. People are sad with no perspective, the level at school is low if not poor, children dont see the benefit, teachers change all the time and are depressed by the lack of education.

I noticed that many workers are now coming from abroad, where are the French? this left me very dubious on the whole atmosphere, the government says they are taking steps to stop the economic crisis and the financial situation, will it be enough? I have a feeling they are just making public announcements with hardly any effect until the presidential election, that is a concern.

Having said that, my house is up for rent again, anyone interested?? nice location, nice views, very peaceful! I wonder if i could rent it to you guys for a holiday? anyone would be interested in spending a week holiday there? it is ideal for family with children as is very quiet, very safe, ideal to go for walks in the woods, visit Aubusson and the tapestry, Limoges for the China, Vichy for the shopping and spas, 2 tiny spa towns in the area with both offering one-week spa treatments at very competitive rates, here is the poll : who would? let me know


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