For the first time, I did not know what to expect about my travel experience to Israel. Everyone was telling me how difficult it was to enter the country but I made it safe and sound tonight.
Let’s see what happens on the way back!
First impressions : how is that that roads all seem new, bridges, motorway. We entered Tel Aviv by Old Jaffa and i cannot say i saw any nice block around. It looked like Mexico rather…
I have already seen so many different nationalities, it is amazing, and the fun thing was that my taxi driver, Moshe, Russian from St Petersbourg is a fan of French music so we drove all the way with vanessa paradis, patricia kaas, notre dame de paris, so funny! It was a bit unreal
NO ONE in the streets, this is weird to me in this part of the world, made me think of cerphew or potentialmproblem even!
See what tomorrow brings. 1st things first : lunch with Dan!

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