Tel Aviv

that’s it. I am back!

It would be unfair to make a statement based on 3 days spent working in Tel Aviv. However,  my impressions are :

– climate is just wonderful, it has no price to enjoy blue sky, plenty of light and sea view, this is when I realize how much the grey sky and lack of light affects me here

– food in the mediterranean is almost the same everywhere, it is good for me as I enjoy kebab and hummus, I had a diet based on warak einab, hummus, babaganoush, and kebab for the week! I did not see that many fruit and veg around I must say

– people are hospitable, they really want to change the image of the country to a nicer one, which is true. Their culture and history makes them sound bold and aggressive, once you go through this, it is ok but their pace of voice can sound a bit sharp sometimes for us used to diplomatic approach at all times!

overall, I enjoyed it, I must come again and visit the country, it looks lovely and there is so much to see.

I just felt I was only seeing one side of the coin, I must all sorts of Jewish people from so many countries (Iraq, Romania, France, Belgium, US, Argentina, Uruguay, Russia, Uzbekistan) but no Arabs, no non jewish even 76% of the Israelis are Jewish, where were the 24% left?

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