so very useful and totally true, I am always amazed at how many items Japan is able to invent!!

Japan Oblong

Japan in summer is HOT. The humidity being almost 100%, the temperature in its 30s or 40s (degrees Celcius) and the city heaving with heat, it can feel completely unbearable at times.

matsuri3Some of the best festivals in Japan are during hot summer months. Don’t miss out!

I was inspired about the silly, quirky, ingenious Japanese gadgets and inventions so I wrote an article for Matcha, the Japanese online trave magazine, about how to stay cool in Japan during summer.
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DSCF0139 You don’t need to speak Japanese to understand this section sells cooling products.

Most of the items you can find anywhere, in konbinis, supermarkets, pharmacies – or my personal favorite, Don Quijote, a massive, nationwide discount store.

Cooling sprays and lotions

Personally I love how handy the cooling aerosol sprays are: they are light weight so you can carry…

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