Sendai – food

The Tohoku region is known for the good food (Osaka remaining the hotspot for food in Japan).

Sendai and the Miyagi Prefecture have a lot to offer. Their main one is beef tongue

I did not get a chance to try it as there were some many other items to try that I simply had no time to fit it in the menus, next time

Seafood is recognised and I would highly recommend it, the fish was excellent as well as the oysters. fun thing, they sell seafood in vacuum pack as omiyage in the train station!

We went for sushi on the Friday evening in the west wing of sendai station there is a lovely sushi place good value for money, we had great fun and the quality was remarkable, arigato gosaimasu.

You can see on the plate that we got the classic ones but also raw almonds sliced thinly. the weird black thing in the middle is a pickled aubergine. they have them every where and we were not too enthusiastic about it. (we found it in our bento, at breakfast and during this dinner, clearly a common thing in the area)

One thing that Sendai is known for is Zunda and that is A MUST!! I absolutely loved it. Now, as a westerner, if you tell me, I will have a soya bean ice cream, I dont think I will go for it instantly however I highly highly recommend it.


here is a bit of explanation and the Japanese version with nutrients explanation zunda


For those of you who do not plan a trip to Sendai, Zunda is available at Daimaru Tokyo and Haneda Airport.

I tried the shake and the pudding and both were equally delicious


Now, finally, I could have a Japanese Breakfast at the hotel with an explanation and it was fun.

Of course rice is on the menu, in my case I had rice with mentaiko from Aomori (one of the Tohoku prefectures), excellent

We had a roll that looked like vine grape, long and thin, sweet with meat taste

There is a Chinese origin rice that is stewed and that you can top up with seaweed, fried onions, pickles, excellent, anyone has the name? a very good option

there is also miso soup and I have been told that miso soup is excellent for hangover (resaca)

you will find the typical natto that I avoid at all cost, pickles, omelet, fish cakes (the white thing on the plate) that you find everywhere and can buy as omiyage, not very tasty and a bit chewy, the one at the hotel was the best we tried of all

Udon are also reknown in Sendai (see photo) and the famous Zunda this time is cream with mochi (rice ball)



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