Sendai – travel and 1st impressions

After just 2 days in Sendai, I came back with the will to go again and visit more of Tohoku. There are 6 vast prefectures in this region and I found out that all have a lot of history, handicraft, traditions and great food.

Sendai is the 2nd largest city in the North of Japan. 1h40 with the Shinkansen from Tokyo station. Depending on where you are in Tokyo, you could consider Ueno where the train makes a short stop.

Tochima trains are faster, I took a slower one on the way back that took 2 hours, no big deal, just more stops.

1 million inhabitants in the city and you can tell they are all very impacted (rightfully so) by the 2011 East Japan great Earthquake, all around there is about Hope, Reconstruction, Future, etc. you can see the words displayed on many occasions.

What I loved about the city is that it is of course a lot slower than Tokyo or Osaka. you can walk in the streets and they are not packed, people are friendly with a lot less speed in their attitude.

I noticed base ball is a great thing here with the Rakuten Stadium and the Eagles Tohoku team, there were matches and the queue to the shuttle was inmense, it took me a while to understand that all were queuing for a match, never seen such a long queue!!

Shinkansen is just GREAT, always on time, so fast, and so big! by the time they leave a station, they are already at high speed and same applies when they reach a station, the speed is still very high, this is why there are fences on the platforms and the staff is very cautious of people going too close to the yellow safety lign.

The only thing that I really dont enjoy is the price, it is super expensive and JR must have made a fortune by now.

11900 Yen one way to Sendai!! and no matter which type of train you take, same price. crazy!! there are discount shops in town but I still need to figure out how they work and where they are, that is on my priority list as it would save 30% apaprently!

Typically, on the way out, Japanese people will buy a bento box on the platform or in one of the shops in the station and have either breakfast or lunch on board.


On the way back, no matter if it was a short trip and a week long one, they will always buy a souvenir gift for family, children and/or colleagues (omiyage) and you will find large shops in all stations, sometimes, this looks like a mall

In Sendai, they were obviously selling a lot of beef tongue and zunda pastries


In Sendai, the station is really nice, not that big, you cannot really get lost for long (as you would in Tokyo). It is mostly divided into East and West Wing,

Please do not stick to the Metropolitan Hotel as a benchmark as there is one on each side!!

The shops and restaurants are of good quality


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