Japan’s summer holiday exodus gets into full swing

Key airports and railway stations in Japan’s major urban areas became congested with travelers Thursday as the annual rush of Obon summer holidaymakers got into full swing. A number of domestic flights from Haneda airport in Tokyo, notably those bound for the northern main island of Hokkaido and southern islands…

Source : Japan’s summer holiday exodus gets into full swing

In my case, I would live this 100% as I was going on a business trip to Nagoya. So far, I am not able to purchase my tickets online since JR does not provide this functionality in English (to my knowledge). So, each time I travel, I need to pay a first trip to a JR station, queue at the counter and purchase my ticket. Then, on the day, go to the station again for the actual travel. This week, I had been so busy that I did not find the time to go and buy my ticket in advance and found myself queuing to see that all trains were full. On the Tokaido Shinkansen, which is the one that goes to Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, there are many trains, up to one every 10mn, I still had to let 7 of those pass by until I had one with a middle seat available.

Despite that, people remain quiet, peaceful, the platforms are busy but not congestioned, you simply stand in line and all goes fine!! Viva Japan

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