Okayu and Koshihikari

While in Sendai, the hotel offered me to try Okayu and I really enjoyed it, I think I will learn how to prepare it for the winter season. Reminding you that I already posted on Sendai and it is a great region to explore

it is just like the Chinese Congee, a sort of rice porridge where you add toppings, I added umeboshi and nori and it was great. I only need to figure out which type of rice I should use out the hundreds on sale

While in Niigata, this time, they offered me to try the local rice. Niigata is famous for its pure water and has allegedly the best rice and best sake in Japan therefore. There, there is a very famous one called Koshihikari, this is a rice that apparently is at its best when coming from the Niigata prefecture. they have 3 types of rice at breakfast and it is the first time that I can say that rices have a different texture and taste. thank you team for sharing



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