When in Fukuoka

I could only spend less than 24 hours in Fukuoka but it hooked me and I want to go again and spend some time.

My recommendation, their café and restaurants already gone. Lots of restaurants and shops.

An Unagi place: (there is one near ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka)

Fukuoka is famous for Yatai and Hakata Ramen! My favourite in Fukuoka is the mentaiko (cod roe), I really love it

However, I spent time at the ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka, what a great place. I was inspired by the team atmosphere, everyone has a purpose, all smile, you dont feel any tension or pressure in the hotel which leads me to think it is a great place to work. I enjoyed the room and the Japanese restaurant


Fukuoka has taken an interesting approach. they have decided to go for universities, encouraged them to settle in the region, this way, the city was hoping to keep young peope in Kyushu, attract more and keep them. It happened, nowadays it is one of the Japanese cities that keep growing.

One anecdot, the airport is in town literally, therefore, Fukuoka is a low city, no buildings are permitted higher than 67m because of the air traffic regulations. it makes it a nice city, have a look at the new train station



From there, I took a shinkansen to Kumamoto with the Kyushu Shinkansen, it is elegant, has a “back in time” style, loved it, and it took me only 40mn to get there.

More to come on Kumamoto in the next episode!


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