Sushi is an art

Sushi is an art

Everyone knows Japan for sushi, unfortunately, this has become an industry of junk food in most cases around the world and does not do any favour to this wonderful dish if well prepared. I was fortunate to discover a small family run restaurant round the corner of my office just as I landed in Japan. Since then, every time I go, I am inspired.

The parents and their 2 sons run this 13 seats local, very Japan style, a small counter, 2 tables, the father runs around and smiles to customers, mother serves tea and handles oshibori and checks, one of the son is in the back office preparing udon, cleaning plates, the 2nd one is the sushi master.


Every day, they go to the market and choose the fish by themselves. At lunch time, you may take a la carte but they offer very good value for money set lunch with 8 or 10 pieces of sushi, a small bowl of udon and a miso soup. The food is exquisite, the rice is cooked to its point and gently pressed, the fish is delicious, this creates light sushi. All in all, a moment in time, a real break, you find yourself in Japan for one hour, no loud music, no TV, just Japanese nice humble people.

No place like Janome in my heart

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