Chapter 149: Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) & Agedashi Tofu (Deep Fried Tofu with Dashi Broth)

I love Takoyaki, just like Tofu, please enjoy!!

The Flying Tofu


I kinda like the idea of bite-size food! There’s 2 of which I really like, a snack that’ll hit the spot any day. Takoyaki is a must, its addictive dashi flavour and aroma when piping hot hooks me up like a fishing rod. It’s usually eaten with mayo and bonito flakes and brown sauce. Agedashi Tofu is more mild, usually with a savoury broth and garnishes of nori and spring onions. Both just as addictive in taste and causes the happy belly symptom, where you wanna try it again and again.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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