the crucial thing to take when coming to Japan, brilliant, great value!!

The Flying Tofu


The JR Pass comes in a few forms. National and Regional. With the national JR Pass you have the option of purchasing 7, 14, 21 consecutive days of use. I bought mine from H.I.S Japan UK. They’ll issue you an exchange order, it is very important to ensure you do purchase within 90 days before the intended day you exchange your voucher when you’re in Japan. Any JR Pass can be exchanged at any JR Offices at airports and major stations. It is valid for all JR Lines, some trains however will not be included with this pass i.e. Nozomi and Mizuho.

I’d mainly use the pass for travelling to and from Kansai to Kanto (One way already costs 13,620 Yen for a non-reserved seat and it’s 14,200 Yen for a reservation) then a few trips to other places via the Shinkansen and JR Lines, it works out cheaper for me. Especially…

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