March 11 – remembering

As we have just yesterday remembered the deadly earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a lot of press reviews came out with either stories or facts around the current status.

Many places are still yet to be cleaned up 8 years later and some villages are not yet reopen with 52.000 persons out of their homes since.

When I arrived, I read “Japan – the art of bending adversity” where a number of chapters cover the event and I learnt a lot not only on the history but on the Japanese way of thinking and behaving around the natural disasters through the history. let me highly recommend it

Fishermen could not operate for many years and some trials are now happening. I honestly worry about the water sent to the ocean from the nuclear plant, what is the impact? anyone has a view?

Lately, we are also facing a devastating situation where many people have been evacuated in 2011, their homes have not been restored yet, entire towns are still uncleaned but these same people are now asked to move back and make space in Tokyo to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Just last week, the government announced there will be a new organisation for rebuilding northeastern Japan areas.


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