Exciting times in Japan

Today, 1st April marks the start of the countdown to the change of emperor in 30 days. I feel so privileged to be able to live this very special time for Japan history live in the country.

To start with, today at 11h30, the government will announce what the next era will be. this will close the Heisei era and has a lot of meaning behind, including a mindset shift for the Nation. The name is such a heavy process and thinking behind, I cannot wait – will keep you posted

It needs to be composed of 2 kanji, easy to write for all, easy to understand, must be kanji not used in previous eras, cannot start with the same letter as the previous 4 and must reflect a change and the mood for the years to come!! An army of people have been secretly working at this in the last 2 years.

I will try to share findings from today!! surely a lot more to come

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