Karoshi #2 – overtime

Overtime in Japan is a catch 22, when you think you are addressing it, something comes across that makes it worse.

In preparation of Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the government and the Mayor of Tokyo, Koike San, are taking things very seriously, asking companies to allow holidays, home work, different working hours. Some metro lines (Tozai being the worst) have a 200% occupancy rate on peak hours, having the huge flow of tourists during the Olympics will make things worse no doubt. However, we could be helped with the fact that Olympics fall in the summer close to the Obon week where many people take a week-break and kids are on holidays.

The governement also considered changing times for the period so athlets would avoid the heat a little

JR now offered to extend train operations until 2am (instead of midnight) and guess what? this could push overtime even further… what can we do?

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