A new emperor for Japan

And again, another day, another unique historical moment, with the access to the Chrysanthemum throne of Emperor Akihito and his wife Empress Masako.

What a ritual, thought for thought.

At 10h30, on Wednesday 1st May 2019, in 10′, the ceremony was again wrapped up! this time, only the male adults in the Imperial family. There had been lengthy discussions around this topic, since there are to date, only 2 male heirs lining after the Emperor but, the government judged that it would suffice and the rest of the family was not granted access.

Again, the sword, jewel as well as the 2 seals appeared and disappeared brought by Chamberlains.

From the numerous comments and reports that flourished in the press, Naruhito seems to be outspoken, caring and genuinely interested in people as well as environment (especially water). There are stories of him laughing at himself while studying in the UK as he felt so out of place not knowing how to handle the most common things in a daily life such as commute, laundry, etc.

Let’s hope he will be able to bring changes to the inflexible anticuated rules of the Palace, every little one will be a progress. long life


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