Miyajima #1

Miyajima is one of the World Heritage Sites of Japan and one of my top 5 personal favourites, although you need to choose your timing to go and make the most of it as it can become very crowded at times


I have so far been there in September, February and April.

  • September is still hot, around 28, very sunny and bright. If you deal with the heat, then, it is a great time, although this is still typhoon season and you can end up with nothing at all
  • February is chilly, around 10, and I got rain, you dont enjoy the landscape but get a lot of space as many tourists simply skip the place
  • April is packed, usually with nice weather, sunny, blue sky with 20, but loads of groups, mostly Europeans, but from Greater China as well.

Access – so far, I always used the boat that leaves from the Memorial site, 100m away from the A-dome, boats operates from 10h00 to 17h30. you get your ticket from a machine that accepts credit card, you buy return, and exchange your return upon reaching the island, that will guarantee your seat on the boat of your choice for the return,

make sure you are ready 10mn before boarding each way. My recommendation is to seat on the same side of the boat on each travel. one way, you will see the size of Hiroshima and the industries that created the disaster (Mitsubishi, Mazda, Boeing, etc) . on the return, you will enjoy the sea, the islands, the scenery. both equally interesting



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