Dying alone

Here is an increasingly hot topic in Japan. with the evolution of society after WW II and the ageing population, loneliness and lonely death unfortunately come up often.

In the latest, it appeared that a 91-year old man passed away in a home care and only got noticed 12 days later.

Japan is so coded, there are so many rules, expectations that on the one hand, we have a whole range of young people who find themselves depressed, stressed out, burnt out even before entering the workforce. they cut themselves out of society, live secluded at their parents’, sometimes live alone in tiny apartments, gradually stop any human interaction, order food online, etc. and eventually die on their own.

There is this new job in Japan which consists in cleaning up houses of those after they have been discovered

On the other hand, you have young people moving out to larger cities, find a job and hardly visiting their parents any more as they are far away, busy, working long hours, having expensive travel cost to do so, etc. Parents grow old, one passes away, the remaining one is alone and dies unnoticed, this is called Hikikomori

What is the solution? how can we improve this? Japanese are no different, they love their family but has the society become too harsh and ruthless?

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