Never wrote about Asakusa because I dont like it!!

This is one of the highlights of Tokyo for tourism. In the north of the city at the last stop of the Ginza line, it is supposed to be a flagship of shrines and temples to visit.

It is fun if you like crowds, you will yourself Monday to Sunday, Morning to Evening, among a huge crowd of Americans, Chinese, Koreans, etc, many of them renting a yukata for the day and looking weird in the outfit.

You will take a chance and buy a fortune teller, which must create a fortune for its owner only, imagine JPY100 each, selling over 10000 a day!!

My advice? If you are going around Japan, just skip this one, please take a chance to Koya San or Ise Shrine or even Kyoto, more authentic, peace, spiritual in most places and a real taste of what Japan is. If you only come to Tokyo, then, try to go as early as you can on a weekday and definitely avoid Friday, Saturday and Sundays

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