Leprosy in Japan

There is a book I really loved that talks about this – an, sweet bean, that made a movie in 2015 – the book is written by Durian Sukegawa

Hansen disease can now be cured and in the last century, there were cases in Japan, that created segregation, people were transferred, isolated from their families, enclosed in houses and could not integrate the society, get married, find a job etc, Last week, a court case in Kumamoto recognised this and charged government with compensation to some of the victim relatives

In a different region (Crete this time), Victoria Hislop also published the Island, in 2005 and that is equally a great novel that I highly recommend

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  1. An ( the movie) “les délices de Tokyo” in French I think was the first time I heard about leprosy in Japan and the way people were not given normal graves after their death.

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