#26 – summarising – my 10 favorite places

Sendai What an emotional place, what a symbolic city. I have been there twice, once with Zeynep, once for base ball and the city will remain in my memory This is the big city of the North. Tohoku is among the most humble regions of Japan, living on agriculture and fisheries, much less tourism, few […]

My favourite foods – Mentaiko

This is cod roe, as simple as that! It is said that this is a specialty from Fukuoka but most is actually coming from Hokkaido and prepared/seasoned in Fukuoka. This product does not travel abroad so please enjoy while in Japan With rice and nori at breakfast With cream and pasta at lunch My tip, […]

December lights

Japan is a special taste for colors and lights, December is a joy, every area of town is shining. Many companies sponsor areas but also arrange their buildings in an elegant fashion Below is the Panasonic arrangements in Shiodome, such a delight   Marunouchi is this high-end area of Tokyo with many office buildings, close […]