What a country! 1st impression : stress, I will always remember the first the gates opened to Japan at Narita Airport that day in October 2000… wherever I would look, I could only see short men in black suit, all looking alike. I had always seen men, women, black or white, boubous, suits, jeans, here, […]


I am sure this will be the longest chapter here… I cannot remember how many I have been to Mexico, how many cities I visited, there was a time where I could remember all the states of the Republica.  Where shoud I start? 1st impression : colours everywhere, smells everywhere (good or bad), chaos in Mexico The first time I […]


What a fantastic country! I miss it so much! I would love to go again! People are SO nice! Shame there is a safety issue otherwise it would be a major touristic destination for sure. Humberto and Jesus, for years, teased me about Colombia, they thought I was too much attracted by this bizarre country […]


Let me start randomly with Singapore as it is one of my favourite. My first visit was in 2002, I believe, on the way back from Australia. At the time, my friend Beatrice was living there and I visited her over the week-end, I arrived on a Friday and the first thing that stroke me was […]


Today is a nice day so I decide to go for a walk around the Berlaymont Building, the Charlemagne, rue Archiméde, around the magnificent Square Ambiorix and Marie Louise and off to work!  So many beautiful Art Nouveau houses along the Squares and the Boulevard Palmerston, I discover new details every time I walk there, […]