Memorial van Damme

Tradition, the annual Memorial Van Damme held yesterday evening in Brussels. As always, a very friendly and family oriented track and field meeting, the stadium is full of families, children enjoy, retired couples come to the show. The good about it is that the Belgian clubs can come and compete in the stadium before the […]

one more for the blog

Just absolutely gutted by my own adventures… We applied for a Russian visa today. I went there with 2 good files full of admin papers, id, certificates just in case, well, let me tell that this is not enough! you need – passport (check) – copy of flight – official letter of invitation (check) – […]


What is your favourite hotel in Brussels? I would say a combination of different hotels : the Berger to be trendy and close to A&F… the Dominican for a drink after work, the Hilton for their Bien Belge restaurant, the Crowne Plaza for the Art Nouveau style and the free wifi, what’s yours?


I just read this article in the Independent that 66% of British people would suffer from nomophobia : basically, it is the fear of being separate from your mobile, either  you take it to bed, or you have a second one as a back up, or you check it every minute in case you missed […]