Memorial van Damme

Tradition, the annual Memorial Van Damme held yesterday evening in Brussels. As always, a very friendly and family oriented track and field meeting, the stadium is full of families, children enjoy, retired couples come to the show. The good about it is that the Belgian clubs can come and compete in the stadium before the stars come in, I find this just great

 Yesterday was another good one with best annual performances from a few ones, Renaud Lavillenie, Justin Gatlin and Mutaz Barshim –



As always, a small anecdot happened. I found myself sitting next to a lady who was not interested in the event and spent her evening reading the programme from 1st to last page with sunglasses. Everytime, public or myself would applause, shout, scream, she would plug her ears!! I assume she has a health problem but not the place for her to have a great evening and quite bothering for me really as she would look at me as if I am some sort of crazy animal



Dinner (rather lunch) in the sky

What a nice surprise that very last minute, I get a chance to join the afternoon in the Sky at the Cinquantenaire in Brussels. Thank you Villa Massa, Fabienne and Alain!! I wanted to do it, so great!!

dinner in the sky, brussels, cinquantenaire, good food

What an experience – you get a nice welcome in a lounge prior to being “attached” to your seat around the table – I would say 24 pax around

It is a one-hour tour on top of the world – in my case, I found it great as I knew the Cinquantenaire from the bottom, from the roof of the arch and now on top of it. The weather was beautiful and the food just great. 




one more for the blog

Just absolutely gutted by my own adventures…

We applied for a Russian visa today. I went there with 2 good files full of admin papers, id, certificates just in case, well, let me tell that this is not enough! you need

– passport (check)

– copy of flight

– official letter of invitation (check)

– application form completed on the internet (we thought we had), just so you know, should you decide to apply at the embassy and therefore tick on embassy, the site will direct you automatically to VHS which is the visa office,once you are there, you will be told that you did not complete the form accurately because you should have chosen VHS in the first place (remind me, where is Kafka from originally? or Ionesco?)

Then you will be asked for

– a HIV negative certificate – no certificate = no visa application

– a legalised authorization from each parent stamped by the mayor for minors

your parents are divorced? and so what? one of the parents does not live in belgium? well, ask him to legalise locally and send today!!

– a birth certificate in full legalised by the townhall

then pray hard

ah and I forgot, 104€ (2€ because they had to stick your photo on the new application form)


After that, because all goes fine, and you are perfectly calm and relaxed, Sacha goes to pick up the super warm winters clothes we purchased online and… forget them in the metro with the legalised authorization he went to pick up at the town hall at the same time


…. I need a drink


What is your favourite hotel in Brussels?

I would say a combination of different hotels : the Berger to be trendy and close to A&F… the Dominican for a drink after work, the Hilton for their Bien Belge restaurant, the Crowne Plaza for the Art Nouveau style and the free wifi, what’s yours?


I just read this article in the Independent that 66% of British people would suffer from nomophobia : basically, it is the fear of being separate from your mobile, either  you take it to bed, or you have a second one as a back up, or you check it every minute in case you missed something… is this you? is this me?


I would love to try out those breakfasts around Brussels in 2012 : any one interested to come along?



Here we go again, the month of all fairs and exagerations! I was in England last week and find it great to keep some traditions around

mince piestilton

– mince pies (yummi)

– stilton with port

– xmas pudding

I cant get tired of this

this week end I will bake cakes like in Alsace or Germany to share with neighbours and friends, next week, Belgians will celebrate St Nicolas, the week after, we are going again to Up North, great Norwegian restaurant in Brussels to have a kind of a Sainte Lucie evening,

where does it stop? but so nice no?