2 days and we will be over Christmas, I always have this strange feeling. End of November, all seems very dark and quiet, gradually, I can see the houses lighting up and Santa Claus climbing the facades. The last week before Christmas is all about running around with a check list to get the gifts, […]


Who does not know Nottingham?? The Sherwood forest?? Robin Hood?? We spent a lovely week-end there and enjoyed very much visiting the Tales of Robin Hood as well as the city, nice pedestrian area, lovely shops, nice atmosphere, we had a good time at the pizza express, it was a great week end and we’d […]


We spent 2 years in Birmingham so there is a lot to say… Life is so different from the continent or anywhere else may I say. Everything is on the other way round, driving, plugging, locking or unlocking, hot water, taps, and so on I especially enjoyed  – the individual houses instead of small appartments   […]


Bath is such a nice town, world heritage, a lot to offer. I visited the city back in 1999, but went again with Sacha in 2007 when Ana Laura were visiting us from Mexico. We spent a week end in Bristol, Bath and the area and enjoyed it very much.  The architecture, the harmony, the […]