Missed flight

It had to happen sooner or later! Well, I did it. I missed my flight and the following connection. In Copenhagen all day, I went very early to the airport all fine checked in, no stress. I went to the lounge with my colleague, spent an hour there then went to the gate. After a […]


In Russia, some companies have made the choice to delocalise their assets outside of Moscow so that it is cost effective. It seems that employees also like it. Could this be considered in France where everything is still so focused on Paris even though it is widely spoken about how to energize the provinces? I […]


I am hoping to take a week off for myself in early March and would love to go to a spa, I am hesitating between Brides les Bains in France, the hotel Miramar in Port Crouesty and the Sofitel Quiberon, anyone has feedback on this? I am also wondering why the Sofitel is twice as […]


2 days and we will be over Christmas, I always have this strange feeling. End of November, all seems very dark and quiet, gradually, I can see the houses lighting up and Santa Claus climbing the facades. The last week before Christmas is all about running around with a check list to get the gifts, […]