Missed flight

It had to happen sooner or later! Well, I did it. I missed my flight and the following connection.
In Copenhagen all day, I went very early to the airport all fine checked in, no stress. I went to the lounge with my colleague, spent an hour there then went to the gate. After a while, the attendant announced that the aircraft is broken down and we will board by bus to another one, no stress..
At one point, I hear that this is the last call for the flight to Brussels but no one moves and smile as i think it is a recorded announcement. Then, I hear my name for last call… !!!!! I was sitting at B10 for the SAS flight, the SN is at A14, miles apart. I got there too late exhausted along with 3 other passengers. Same alliance, same destination, same time, different airline….
Then, there is this young lady in tears. I take her with me to the counter, trying to calm her down as i see she carries a ventoline spray along. Counter sends us to terminal 2, a good walk away (as in, seriously long). She needs to collect her luggage, I go ahead and rebook my flight for tomorrow. And then…. She arrives with luggage and policemen and she says we are together (together wrong yes, together going to Toulouse but that’s about it!), but Danish policemen are smart and he noticed there was a bug in the story, I went through a quick identity check and she has been taken away.
I am definitely flying tomorrow… Mean time, Denmark for me!


In Russia, some companies have made the choice to delocalise their assets outside of Moscow so that it is cost effective. It seems that employees also like it. Could this be considered in France where everything is still so focused on Paris even though it is widely spoken about how to energize the provinces? I wonder and hope so much for this. How can you keep going for long with 2 societies in one country, one who has access to culture, transports, health, sport and one who has a second class schooling system, bad health treatments reaching the levels of the UK in terms of attendance at A&E ?? this is of course a general comment and cannot apply 100% to every single city in France but is very much so in the villages and towns.russie.pdf


I am hoping to take a week off for myself in early March and would love to go to a spa, I am hesitating between Brides les Bains in France, the hotel Miramar in Port Crouesty and the Sofitel Quiberon, anyone has feedback on this?

I am also wondering why the Sofitel is twice as expensive as the others, is it so much more?


2 days and we will be over Christmas, I always have this strange feeling. End of November, all seems very dark and quiet, gradually, I can see the houses lighting up and Santa Claus climbing the facades. The last week before Christmas is all about running around with a check list to get the gifts, the food, the turkey and the drinks. The houses are all decorated, light is everywhere.

From the 26th, all seems back to normal, grey, people even take off the decorations straight away. In Brussels, the townhall takes away the christmas trees on the 2nd which I find very sad, the 3 kings come on the 6th so to me, it is a nice period of the year that we should make as nice and long as possible to brighten up this cold and dark season : from 1st Advent Sunday to after the 3 kings is nice or no?


Today, Paris for one day. First thing : I really like the new Thalys style with those pink red and purple colors, very nice and comfy but it can look dirty very quickly, on the way back I had a feeling the seats had not been cleaned for the whole day I was not too happy with Paris though as I walked through the underground and streets, people seemed sad and grumpy, on the edge of being aggressive, it is bad for such a beautiful city to have sad people, maybe the crisis is hitting harder than they say… I had also forgotten about how fond of the Parisians are about brands, I had a sandwich lunch with clients, those were average BUT at least they were coming in a lovely package with a name and that, believe me, was making the difference! Lol


Here we go again, the month of all fairs and exagerations! I was in England last week and find it great to keep some traditions around

mince piestilton

– mince pies (yummi)

– stilton with port

– xmas pudding

I cant get tired of this

this week end I will bake cakes like in Alsace or Germany to share with neighbours and friends, next week, Belgians will celebrate St Nicolas, the week after, we are going again to Up North, great Norwegian restaurant in Brussels to have a kind of a Sainte Lucie evening,

where does it stop? but so nice no?



Winter Wonders in Brussels

Winter Wonders Brussels

Winter Wonders have started on Saturday and it means Brussels takes another look for over a month. May I recommend you skip the commercial bit on the Place Ste Catherine : where is the point of buying Greek stuff in Brussels for Christmas franquely? Instead, dont miss the lights and music on the Grand Place every evening, it is marvelous, despite of the cold dry weather, I try my best to attend at least a couple of times, it is enchanting, and then go for a walk through the Galeries St Hubert, full of Belgian produce and the great bookshop Tropismes, I find this area bucolic and charming when it is not overwhelmed with Chinese and Spanish tourists : what about Saturday morning for a walk and Sunday evening for the lightshow? enjoy!