Dinner (rather lunch) in the sky

What a nice surprise that very last minute, I get a chance to join the afternoon in the Sky at the Cinquantenaire in Brussels. Thank you Villa Massa, Fabienne and Alain!! I wanted to do it, so great!!

dinner in the sky, brussels, cinquantenaire, good food

What an experience – you get a nice welcome in a lounge prior to being “attached” to your seat around the table – I would say 24 pax around

It is a one-hour tour on top of the world – in my case, I found it great as I knew the Cinquantenaire from the bottom, from the roof of the arch and now on top of it. The weather was beautiful and the food just great. 




Tel Aviv

that’s it. I am back!

It would be unfair to make a statement based on 3 days spent working in Tel Aviv. However,  my impressions are :

– climate is just wonderful, it has no price to enjoy blue sky, plenty of light and sea view, this is when I realize how much the grey sky and lack of light affects me here

– food in the mediterranean is almost the same everywhere, it is good for me as I enjoy kebab and hummus, I had a diet based on warak einab, hummus, babaganoush, and kebab for the week! I did not see that many fruit and veg around I must say

– people are hospitable, they really want to change the image of the country to a nicer one, which is true. Their culture and history makes them sound bold and aggressive, once you go through this, it is ok but their pace of voice can sound a bit sharp sometimes for us used to diplomatic approach at all times!

overall, I enjoyed it, I must come again and visit the country, it looks lovely and there is so much to see.

I just felt I was only seeing one side of the coin, I must all sorts of Jewish people from so many countries (Iraq, Romania, France, Belgium, US, Argentina, Uruguay, Russia, Uzbekistan) but no Arabs, no non jewish even 76% of the Israelis are Jewish, where were the 24% left?


I would love to try out those breakfasts around Brussels in 2012 : any one interested to come along?




Here we go again, the month of all fairs and exagerations! I was in England last week and find it great to keep some traditions around

mince piestilton

– mince pies (yummi)

– stilton with port

– xmas pudding

I cant get tired of this

this week end I will bake cakes like in Alsace or Germany to share with neighbours and friends, next week, Belgians will celebrate St Nicolas, the week after, we are going again to Up North, great Norwegian restaurant in Brussels to have a kind of a Sainte Lucie evening,

where does it stop? but so nice no?




Jan and I had a gourmet week-end in August around the Amalfi Coast. What an amazing area? My expectations were not so high and I only thought it would be a nice beach area!

I was wrong.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Sorrento Coast, lovely hotel, lovely people, lovely breakfast

On the Friday, we decided to drive to Positano for a unique dinner facing the sea and the bay, it was marvelous and we had a fab dinner.

On the Saturday, we had the recommendation for a restaurant in Sorrento and that was absolutely amazing, quality was there, as well as a friendly service, we discovered a fantastic spumanti : Tenuto il Bosco Phileo Rose