Chapter 259: Japan hands-Free Travel in Namba Osaka

The Flying Tofu


The next better thing than coin lockers. Although coin lockers are easy to use, they’re not always vacant, especially if you have large luggage. In Osaka Namba, they have a hands-free room. It’s very easy, quick and safe. Pop in and you’re greeted by lovely staff members, you’ll have to sign and pay up front and then you’re luggage free for the day!! It’s that easy!! They’re opened 10:00 to 20:00. I literally spent less than 5 minutes there. They are located up on the 4th floor of the Ichiei Logo Building, it’s also easy to reach as it’s directly connected to the 6th exist of Namba Station on the subway. I presume, for airport reasons most luggage us fellow tourists will have will be under 200cm (D+W+H) so the price will be the typical 500 Yen/Day. However for those who have something much bigger the price is double, at…

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Chapter 198: JR National Pass From 2017

the crucial thing to take when coming to Japan, brilliant, great value!!

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The JR Pass comes in a few forms. National and Regional. With the national JR Pass you have the option of purchasing 7, 14, 21 consecutive days of use. I bought mine from H.I.S Japan UK. They’ll issue you an exchange order, it is very important to ensure you do purchase within 90 days before the intended day you exchange your voucher when you’re in Japan. Any JR Pass can be exchanged at any JR Offices at airports and major stations. It is valid for all JR Lines, some trains however will not be included with this pass i.e. Nozomi and Mizuho.

I’d mainly use the pass for travelling to and from Kansai to Kanto (One way already costs 13,620 Yen for a non-reserved seat and it’s 14,200 Yen for a reservation) then a few trips to other places via the Shinkansen and JR Lines, it works out cheaper for me. Especially…

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Chapter 196: Typical Japanese Drug Store

Don Quijote and more atmosphere!! spot the eye masks!

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The one thing I love about Japanese drug stores is that you can pretty much find everything you need…In the form of walls and walls, high and low, of stuff.


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Chapter 160: Tako & Soy Sauce Tuna Mayo Onigiri

so handy and can be very good, easy to prepare at home for the lunchbox, the Onigiri has a lot of good things!

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81DV08CMRSybaMb%UFrTAw_thumb_66c Tako Onigiri

sWsbmsodQkCxZ66LvCs3RQ_thumb_96f Soy Sauce Tuna Mayo Onigiri

One of my favourite snacks of all time! ONIGIRI!! Usually I like buying Salmon flavoured ones but Tako was delicious! And Tuna & Mayo is a classic taste! I’m open to trying new flavours. I kinda like the latter packaging, only because I’m clumsy with the first!

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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Surviving Japanese Traffic

Japan Oblong

When talking about traffic or transportation in Japan images of fully packed subway carts, lightning fast bullet trains and the ever so famous Shibuya crossing probably pop up in most people’s minds. There is much more to it than that but traffic in Japan is definitely fast, modern and in my opinion, a little crazy. At times it can be daunting but knowing some do’s and dont’s of the system can also make your experience here much more enjoyable.

Here I have listed a few flamboyantly random pointers on how to survive in Japanese traffic based on my own experiences.

It is worthy mentioning that Tokyo is a completely different world in its own and due to it being a mega city everything in Tokyo is just muchmore than anywhere else in Japan.

takeshita street tokyoIt is easy to get lost in Tokyo’s busy streets

Rush hour

First and foremost: do…

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260 vehicles still stranded in snow on Sea of Japan coast – Japan Today

Roughly 260 vehicles remained stranded on a snowy road on the Sea of Japan coast Thursday morning, with many people already having spent two nights there while plowing efforts continued. The Ground Self-Defense Force said the vehicles could be able to leave this evening, once its members complete removing snow…

Source : 260 vehicles still stranded in snow on Sea of Japan coast – Japan Today

Chapter 146: Mentaiko (Pollock Roe) Onigiri & Calbee Potato Chips

Mentaiko is a must eat in Japan, it is a great dish, easy to combine with rice, great! I love it too

The Flying Tofu


Mentaiko! A favourite flavour that fits so well with simple rice!! Savoury, with a good balance between salty and spicy. The real thing is sort of juicy and adds flavour to rice, pasta, and spaghetti. It makes an excellent side-dish. Thumbs up to the Onigiri!! What a great snack to have in this flavour, I could eat it all day. The potato chips where sort of dry, maintaining the balance of its saltiness and spice, I had to down a cup of water straight after. Apparently Mentaiko originates from Korea with a few variations.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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