Memorial van Damme

Tradition, the annual Memorial Van Damme held yesterday evening in Brussels. As always, a very friendly and family oriented track and field meeting, the stadium is full of families, children enjoy, retired couples come to the show. The good about it is that the Belgian clubs can come and compete in the stadium before the stars come in, I find this just great

 Yesterday was another good one with best annual performances from a few ones, Renaud Lavillenie, Justin Gatlin and Mutaz Barshim –



As always, a small anecdot happened. I found myself sitting next to a lady who was not interested in the event and spent her evening reading the programme from 1st to last page with sunglasses. Everytime, public or myself would applause, shout, scream, she would plug her ears!! I assume she has a health problem but not the place for her to have a great evening and quite bothering for me really as she would look at me as if I am some sort of crazy animal



Congratulations to Zambia

To me, this is great that Zambia won the CAN on Sunday! It means that this is still sport to watch football, any team has a chance to win, and that’s great, no one was betting on them and they made it. I am very happy

It gave me a chance to investigate and find out that this is a country with no access to the sea, I was not aware that Victoria Falls were in Zambia (for some reason, I thought they were in Zimbabwe), the GDP per capita is $1600… so sad, but then checking further, I found out that Congo is even worse with $600, how can that be?

as colonialist, were we so useless that we did not leave any structure in place, any basics for those citizens to build up from there?

Tokyo, Colina

I jumped honestly when I saw Pierluigi Colina starring at me while I was arriving by train at Harajuku station that day in June 2002 !!!

Colina à harajuku

Japan Football World Cup 2002

Let’s talk about Football in Japan!!!

I had a chance to attend 2 matches during World Cup in June 2002 there. 

Brasil- Turkey in Saitama on the Wednesday

saitama  brésil turquie juin 2002 saitama

Brasil – Germany in Yokoama on the Sunday, final match

Saitama was impressing to me, friends and I checked the access to the stadium on the internet, booked our car park space on line, printed our car park badge, got our space number and reference, input all of it on the satnav, and that took us spot on to that space…that was something to me already 

From there, a crowd of students were directing us to the shuttle buses with welcome speeches and nice words everything we would come across one of them.

The bus were tagged with your access gate number to the stadium and they would drop you exactly in front

Once at the gate, it took us 8mn to be seated going through checks and controls… amazing!

We had nice seats (see pic) just in the middle, we had brought our bento box

Then, the match started, the stadium was packed, but they were all so quiet and focused, seated quietly, standing all together when there was a goal and clapping, nothing to see with a south american match or not even a german one!! it was unbelievable to me

Suddenly, a nice young gentleman seated in front of me started to attract people, they were shooting photos, asking for autographs very politely. My friends asked me to talk to him, it was Emerson, the brasilian player who could not believe it either!

At the end of the match, the stadium was empty in 12mn (adidas explained it all to me), the buses were spot on waiting for us at the gate and took us back exactly where we were parked,

in 4 hours, we had done the tour door to door!!