Memorial van Damme

Tradition, the annual Memorial Van Damme held yesterday evening in Brussels. As always, a very friendly and family oriented track and field meeting, the stadium is full of families, children enjoy, retired couples come to the show. The good about it is that the Belgian clubs can come and compete in the stadium before the […]

Congratulations to Zambia

To me, this is great that Zambia won the CAN on Sunday! It means that this is still sport to watch football, any team has a chance to win, and that’s great, no one was betting on them and they made it. I am very happy It gave me a chance to investigate and find […]

Japan Football World Cup 2002

Let’s talk about Football in Japan!!! I had a chance to attend 2 matches during World Cup in June 2002 there.  Brasil- Turkey in Saitama on the Wednesday   Brasil – Germany in Yokoama on the Sunday, final match Saitama was impressing to me, friends and I checked the access to the stadium on the internet, […]