reflection on how to adapt the glory of Omotenashi to 2020 lifestyle

When visiting Japan, how many of our foreign visitors enjoy the experience and learn?

Could the hotels gain popularity, guest reviews and build memories by simply providing a simple explanation of what a Japanese breakfast is?
In the last 2 days, I tried with Belgian and Mexican families, and guess what? In both instances they were happy someone would present and they tried it out!
Another option could be to close restaurants a bit later than 21.00 in key cities like Yokohama Hiroshima for example!!! That seriously puts off latin clients let me tell you.
Hotels may also put forward that they remain open later with cool options like ramen/beer. Udon/beer etc. Easy cool nice revenue and happy clients who will surely consume and share the tip on social media.
Let’s bring omotenashi to life again adapted to 2020 tourism boom!

Recommendation to enjoy Japan

I found this very nicely design blog with good tips for slow travel – totally accurate for Japan. I thought I should simply share – vanilla papers thank you / arigato gozaimasu.


Kobe? Here is a provincial city that feels like a town in the Kansai region. Again, I did not find much to visit there apart from the Kitano area where a lot of European style houses are built along the hill and the garden at the top, you may use the cable car or hike there.

However, I really like the city for the hills and the seaside, the many ramen and small shops and restaurants under the bridges and train rails, The city center has a European flair, arcades, small boutique, cafes with terraces, a walk on the seaside, the place is quieter than Osaka or Tokyo, so this is really a pleasure to spend an afternoon in Kobe

When Japan opened to the world, Dutch and Portuguese were the first to arrive in Nagasaki and then in Kobe because this was the port closer to Kyoto, the imperial city. Nowadays, some houses remain and Kobe is famous for the cakes and the bread because of this past times

Of course, the great earthquake in 1995 means most of the city is modern and rebuild, but sometimes, a good surprise and a nice building pops up.

Osaka – Light and Life

Osaka is such a contrast compared to Tokyo, very lively, this is the 3rd city of Japan, after Yokohama, and it is a great location 40mn from Kyoto by local train (20mn with the shinkansen), 50mn to Nara, 30mn to Kobe (15mn with shinkansen). People laugh, shout, scream, talk loudly in the streets and bars, there is a special atmosphere here.

Enjoy the capital of streetfood, and shopping, the numerous malls, and the modern buildings, Temma, Dotombori, Namba, Umeda, so much to enjoy, not much to visit but guaranteed great time. After that, I am privileged enough to get the sweets in my room with a view


Korea in Tokyo

Next to Shinjuku and the famous Kabukicho area, is Shin Okubo district, this is little Korea

Wandering there is fun, so different from the everyday Tokyo, narrow and colorful streets, lively, plenty of cosmetics shops, K-pop displayed all over. I really enjoy spending saturdays there, have lunch at a Korean cafe, and watch the world passing by.

Kyoto overtourism

In Europe, Venice, Barcelona or Amsterdam are complaining that they are dying from over tourism, although I have experienced this myself, I must that nothing compares to Kyoto where last year, I gave up one morning at 10am and left the city disgusted, frustrated and sad.

Local people cannot have a life there anymore, the city is crowded with groups from 8am til dawn, people push to walk, you cannot stop anywhere, you cannot have perspective on any monument you want to visit for example, such a shame… what can we do to address this?

help needed before this is destroyed by tourism

Less than a month before Sakura and excitement grows!

every year brings its share of business opportunities – a Sakura Bar opens in Minami-Aoyama

Last year was beautiful and we were blessed with the weather, no rain at all, blue sky, Cherry blossoms started on Friday 24th March, allowing to enjoy 2 full week ends!!