Traveling by train in Japan

How will JR and JNTO cope with tourism boom and maintain service levels? Past Osaka, the number of train options drop by 50% and that a large chunk of tourists aim towards Hiroshima (and further), it appears to be a headache for JR railpass holders – Sakura trains to Hiroshima have 8 coaches while Hikari to Osaka have 16, even […]

reflection on how to adapt the glory of Omotenashi to 2020 lifestyle

When visiting Japan, how many of our foreign visitors enjoy the experience and learn? Could the hotels gain popularity, guest reviews and build memories by simply providing a simple explanation of what a Japanese breakfast is? In the last 2 days, I tried with Belgian and Mexican families, and guess what? In both instances they […]

Osaka – Light and Life

Osaka is such a contrast compared to Tokyo, very lively, this is the 3rd city of Japan, after Yokohama, and it is a great location 40mn from Kyoto by local train (20mn with the shinkansen), 50mn to Nara, 30mn to Kobe (15mn with shinkansen). People laugh, shout, scream, talk loudly in the streets and bars, […]