Abeno Harukas – #3 – going down

This is a full cycle of visit, remember I told you you enjoy the show looking up in the elevator while reaching the 60th floor

then you enjoy the views over Osaka and the sea

Finally, going down is a different experience as you see the floors counting down


worth a Harukas cappuccino to finish off!




from Abeno Harukas Tower


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Abeno Harukas – Osaka

300m height is the Abeno Harukas Tower, we really enjoyed!


JPY1500 entrance to take you to the rooftop. the views are amazing on a bright day and it took us around 90mn to do the tour, enjoy a Abeno Harukas coffee and understand the different sides of the tower, a nice afternoon out.

It is super easy to reach it as it is on the loop line of Osaka, above the Tennoji station

Once there, there is hardly any queue. the elevator is designed so you enjoy the ride, you hold yourself and look up to see the floors passing by up to the 60th!

Japan wins!!

Very unexpected and amazing match on Saturday, Shizuoka got to experience a fantastic win of Japan over Ireland.

Ireland are the #2 favourite to win the 2019 Rugby World Cup and they let themselves beat up by focused, motivated Japanese players – 19-12. we all cheer our Japan team

Japan's players celebrate after winning over Ireland during the Rugby World Cup Pool A game at Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa between Japan and Ireland in Shizuoka, Japan

Post Fukushima Disaster

I wonder why nobody seems to be interested on this situation. nearly 9 years after the disaster, TEPCO is still trying to cool down the reactors and in mid 2020 will have no more storage available for the contaminated water on the Fukushima site.

There are official talks around throwing the water to the Pacific ocean but it seems that, despite the press releases in the Japan media, no one else but Korea worries about the impact and consequences, thoughts?

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