A unique view

From my neighbor balcony!! amazing (I face the other side of the building but happy that way too)



Wonderful lunch

I highly recommend to enjoy lunch in this restaurant if you are in Toyama, no tourists, very good quality vegan food, peaceful, wooden house and then a beautiful site to enjoy and walk around


pickles, tofu, noodles, rice and bamboo shoots, excellent vegetable tempura, it was plenty and delicious






Toyama Glass Museum

Toyama is one of those prefectures that foreigners tend to forget BUT it has a lot to offer and is the real Japan, nothing to do with Kyoto or Tokyo, you will meet real people having real struggles real lives, this combined with a lot of traditions, history and landscapes that nothing beats


Spend 2 hours at the glass art museum, it is worth it. the building itself is new and is a masterpiece of architecture, created with local woods. there is a temporary and permanent exhibition, I had a look at the Lalique showcase from France and a very interesting one from Marta Klonowska. Then I truly enjoyed the work of Dale Chihuly but because there were signs everywhere not to share on SNS, I can only share little.  Although I respect and can understand his view, it is a miss as they truly deserve to be recognised



Contemporary Architecture

A Saturday breakfast at Midtown before the heat makes it impossible, we are going for 6 to 8 weeks of intense heat, forget about the terraces!!


I love architecture and Japan is a paradise, lots of traditional buildings sit next to futuristic ones, a pleasure, keep your chin up and look around!!

Here is another layout at Ginza 6, open in May 2017, this is a high end shopping center that always has new features rolling per season, amazing!!



This week, I met a French man who has been working on Japanese Tea for 15 years in Japan and is creating flavoured teas, I found his path interesting, check it out

However, I am still hoping to go to the Shizuoka area and get a guided tour on how to grow tea and get a better understanding of the tea industry in Japan, one day

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