Office time

Small individual space but enough to work, I am lucky I work paperless but my colleagues in that office were not, I was impressed how they manage in such a small space. That was my one-week office work there in Osaka, now back to Tokyo!


You can see that my neighbor colleague has arranged her office space with carpet, leather on the desk, all sorts of gadgets to feel comfy, so kawai, dessho??

One more tip at lifts, you have a button to press to avoid electricity when calling the lift, how cool is that

Tea Ceremony

This will remain as one of the highlights of my 2018 stay in Japan. A friend invited to join a tea ceremony class in April.

I was blown away by the level of quality, precision and meditation in there. We spent a couple of hours and every minute was inspiring, full of information. I was told this is one of the Zen pillars and I wish I would have time to continue the journey and take this class on a regular basis.


from the way you present the matcha in its box, to the  type of bowl you will use depending on the season, the way you open the door, close it, listen to the sound of water, respect the kakemono, walk across the room, everything is thought. loved it, absolutely loved it

Chapter 259: Japan hands-Free Travel in Namba Osaka

The Flying Tofu


The next better thing than coin lockers. Although coin lockers are easy to use, they’re not always vacant, especially if you have large luggage. In Osaka Namba, they have a hands-free room. It’s very easy, quick and safe. Pop in and you’re greeted by lovely staff members, you’ll have to sign and pay up front and then you’re luggage free for the day!! It’s that easy!! They’re opened 10:00 to 20:00. I literally spent less than 5 minutes there. They are located up on the 4th floor of the Ichiei Logo Building, it’s also easy to reach as it’s directly connected to the 6th exist of Namba Station on the subway. I presume, for airport reasons most luggage us fellow tourists will have will be under 200cm (D+W+H) so the price will be the typical 500 Yen/Day. However for those who have something much bigger the price is double, at…

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Happo-en Tokyo

On a Saturday lunch time, I went out to picnic in the Shirokanedai area, in the Tokyo University park. Across the road, I discovered the wonderful Happo-en.

This is a place that gives you serenity, calm, peace in the heart of the city, suddenly, you forget about the noise, the cars, and the daily life.

The park has a collection of bonsai, a banqueting space and a tea ceremony house that you may book although I have heard they dont always reply


Luxury Train

Japan has the Shinkansen but it also has the Mizukase Luxury Train and the seven stars cruise train in Kyushu.

While in Osaka, we saw it coming to the station and it was amazing, this train is heavily booked and the company currently takes reservations applications in May for travel as of October 2018!

Apply to the Twilight Express experience!