Narita and Haneda expansion

Tokyo 2020 Olympics will bring 800.000 visitors over a period of 2 months until the end of Paralympics.

Addition to that, Tourism is booming going from 10M tourists in 2010 to 40M expected in 2020.

Needless to say that airports and flights are packed, many new routes are opening to secondary cities, like Komatsu (Kanazawa) from Hong Kong, Sendai from Bangkok, and many more

in Tokyo, the US army has agreed to release 24 slots in Haneda as long as 12 of those go to the US. Since late August, announcements are made and United and Delta will move operations from Narita to Haneda. ANA is adding 13 new routes and JAL 12, we are also seeing new routes for Finnair and a few more. this is exciting and will change the landscape of tourism.

Haneda is also trialing currently a new route over Tokyo to cope with all those new aircrafts.

We now see extensive queues for take off in Narita, a bit like in the US!!


Super Mario is everywhere

Since end June, Super Mario is in Narita and Osaka airport offering check in facilities and a colorful welcome corridor when you land!! welcome to the land of anime, video games and kawaii culture!


Dont forget or underestimate the Paralympics games coming to Japan at the end of August 2020.

Accessibility, diversity and inclusion are the future of Japan and many other nations. Making public spaces, hotels and restaurants accessible will be a must for Japan who just passed the rate of 70000 people over 100 yesterday!



Tokyo 2020

As we are starting the countdown to the Olympics and Paralympics in July 2020, a number of challenges arise. One of the most concerning topics is the heat. Japan has an extreme climate and while winters are very dry and very cold with heavy snow in the north, summer is marked by a moonsoon (tsuyu in Japanese) followed by extreme heat and humidity from mid July to mid September.

Every year, we face an increasing number of citizens rushed to hospitals with heatstroke, some serious with over 3 weeks in hospital and unfortunately a growing number of people passing away.

What about next year? how will visitors cope with the heat, sitting in outdoor stadiums? queuing long hours to get into facilities, sleeping well at night?

Tokyo Organising Committee is now testing artificial snow to cool down the venues, so far, although the temperature do not go down, people feel cooler

some things need to change

no comment…have a read and re-think

many other countries could think too, France for example where there is a double view on this, there are strict rules but we all know women who went to doctors and doctors said they had no proof and would not certify. we all know women who go to police and police tells them off



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