Isetan, Mitsukoshi and the rest

My guilty pleasure? Spending a couple of hours at one of the large pricey department stores, they have a grocery section on the basement with beautiful products. But, in my case, what I especially like about it, is that you can try out many products which helps identifying what my next buy will be AND all products are labelled in Japanese and English so I take photos!!! Here is a view of the amazing section for raw fish, so many diferent Tuna! did you know that the clearer in color, the better it tastes?

on the right picture, are Shirasu, May is the season for those little fish that you can have with a bowl of rice (shirasudon), great in Enoshima Island (see my day out there in the Tourism section)

Now, I have a photo of the “no sugar” mention in my phone for the yogurts!!



Supermarket – what a study tour every time I am there. Packaging, products, price range, writing, everything is different. My 1st week was all about fish and vegetable as I could identify them! But I am expanding choice at every trip.


Tofu – one full line to choose from, so far, I tried 2 types, I am not sure I cook it the way it should be but with my own way, it works and it is good


Rice remains a challenge, because it is mostly sold in packs of 5kg, I dare not going for just any one in case I would like it, can you imagine? I’d be stuck with 4.9kg of rice I don’t like in the cupboard. So I am tasting every single small pack I can find and I keep the package to compare the writing in store and choose my favourite from this, hihihi


Meat – the cut is different here, everything comes in thin slices so tough for me to say which part of the beef it is. I only get meat at restaurants so far and it is always excellent. And by the way, let me tell that there is far better than Kobe beef, Ohmi beef created an unforgettable moment at a recent dinner, never tried something so good


Communication (or not)

So far, I take this situation as an opportunity to keep calm and silent most of the time and work on myself! Nobody understands me and I understand nobody and it makes me laugh!

For example, so far, I cannot make the difference between an add in my mailbox for a restaurant delivery service and the electricity bill, all are colourful and written in full Japanese. Ordering food at a restaurant can be challenging since in most cases I cannot read the menu. So  I have overcome the challenge with

  • Going to small family restaurants with 10 seats because there is no menu and you get what there is that day. In Japan, it is always good and clean, so why bother
  • Going to restaurants I have been on other occasions and stick to what I liked there, but it may become boring after a while
  • Benchmark with the price range
  • Take the set menu, always a good one for lunch, prices are very very good at lunch, you can get a full lunch for 1000Yens

And I learn every day of course so more to come

Funerals and Late relatives

A colleague was away in the last days as he was arranging rememberance ceremonies for his mother who passed away last year in June.

Did you know that in Japan, families arrange ceremonies after 7 days of death, 49 days, 1 year, 3 years and 33 years.


A short story for the Japanese fridge. In europe, typically, our fridges come with a few shelves in the top part, a drawer for vegetables below these shelves. In the bottom part, come 3 freezer drawers.
Here, fridges open centrally with a narrow door and a large one so you may save the temperature.

In the top part, the bottom drawer uses 3/4 of the space and is to keep some items frost (so no vegetable like I did and found myself with a cucumber

stick). The last 1/4 is to hold water.

This water will drop into ice cubes into the 1st drawer of the freezer, again top drawer 1/4. The other 3/4 of the top drawer is for quick freeze
Then the middle drawer is pure freezer
And the bottom drawer is for vegetables!
I have been told that the Japanese ladies made this happen thanks to their feedback to the corporations like panasonic, hitachi etc. So tailor made fridge in a way!
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