#4 summarising – my top 10 favorite places

Osaka is special to me. It is noisy, the place for trade, shopping, streetfood, good week ends, great people. Honestly, not much to visit but quite an atmosphere. Reiko San and Chikako San introduced me to ramen, and to Tenma. I always had a great time in Osaka and spent quite a few week ends […]

Summarising #11 – 10 things I will miss

Oshibori I already miss it! In Japan, even the konbini will include a basic humid towel with any food. This is SO great, a small square fresh or warm, humidified to clean your hands before and after meal, refresh yourself. What will I do once out of Japan without it? In the summer time, you […]

Summarising #10 – 10 things I will miss

Flying ANA ANAis currently ranking 7th best airline in the world, good enough you may say. For me, it is a unique model. The online experience is easy. The check in and drop off is great at any airport (except Milan where I think ANA will struggle), plenty of staff attentive and smiling, no long […]