IHG Foodie – Singapore

Internationally acclaimed gastronomic connoisseur, Takanori Nakamura, explores Singapore’s Michelin-starred restaurants and street hawkers in “Sophistication: A Sensory Experience”, part of the ‘Stories of the InterContinental Life’ video series http://bit.ly/2rTNZTO

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A bit more on Sendai

here are few more photos of what I saw in Sendai. I recommend to use the loople bus, this is an old fashion type of hop-on hop-off version, very cute and with that you get an overview of the city.



Here are some views of the tour


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We were there at the end of July just before the week end of Tanabata Festival on 5th and 6th August, this is very special apparently. While Japan celebrates and have their Matsure in May, Sendai celebrates in early August and that brings over 2M visitors in one week end!

Everywhere, where displayed the Tanabata and the hotel do their own with the employees every year.



Isetan, Mitsukoshi and the rest

My guilty pleasure? Spending a couple of hours at one of the large pricey department stores, they have a grocery section on the basement with beautiful products. But, in my case, what I especially like about it, is that you can try out many products which helps identifying what my next buy will be AND all products are labelled in Japanese and English so I take photos!!! Here is a view of the amazing section for raw fish, so many diferent Tuna! did you know that the clearer in color, the better it tastes?

on the right picture, are Shirasu, May is the season for those little fish that you can have with a bowl of rice (shirasudon), great in Enoshima Island (see my day out there in the Tourism section)

Now, I have a photo of the “no sugar” mention in my phone for the yogurts!!


Funerals and Late relatives

A colleague was away in the last days as he was arranging rememberance ceremonies for his mother who passed away last year in June.

Did you know that in Japan, families arrange ceremonies after 7 days of death, 49 days, 1 year, 3 years and 33 years.