reflection on how to adapt the glory of Omotenashi to 2020 lifestyle

When visiting Japan, how many of our foreign visitors enjoy the experience and learn?

Could the hotels gain popularity, guest reviews and build memories by simply providing a simple explanation of what a Japanese breakfast is?
In the last 2 days, I tried with Belgian and Mexican families, and guess what? In both instances they were happy someone would present and they tried it out!
Another option could be to close restaurants a bit later than 21.00 in key cities like Yokohama Hiroshima for example!!! That seriously puts off latin clients let me tell you.
Hotels may also put forward that they remain open later with cool options like ramen/beer. Udon/beer etc. Easy cool nice revenue and happy clients who will surely consume and share the tip on social media.
Let’s bring omotenashi to life again adapted to 2020 tourism boom!

Recommendation to enjoy Japan

I found this very nicely design blog with good tips for slow travel – totally accurate for Japan. I thought I should simply share – vanilla papers thank you / arigato gozaimasu.

Digital Experience

Here is something unique and finally different!

I got to visit TeamLab Planets in Toyosu a few months ago and went again a couple of weeks ago. This makes me feel like Alice passing through the mirror and getting to wonderland. what a moment!!

It is a 20mn walk from Toyosu metro station and opposite Shin-Toyosu train stop. you need to book your ticket online, you cannot print it, it only comes as a QR code on your phone

Once there, you must get in with in 30mn of the time you booked, take off your shoes and belongings in the locker and off you go. the team provides you with a plastic pocket to hold your phone.

It takes about 90mn to enjoy it properly but you will get all sorts of senses, velvet, water, noise, smell, bubble, flowers, etc. fantastic!! I will go again.

I tried the evening visit and would not recommend it as it is full of noisy students. My 1st visit was a morning around 10h00 and that was perfect as not too crowded, we could experience the moment to full extent.

There is also TeamLab Borderless that I need to try!


Akihabara is famously known around the world for the electronics and it is very easy to find when you are going to Asakusa Shrine.

It is located on the Yamanote line, this is the circle line of Tokyo, a circle takes exactly 60mn, so you cannot go wrong, if you take it on the wrong side, dont worry, sit, relax and wait!

In Akihabara, you will find Bic Camera but also Yodobashi, that I prefer as it has a larger choice. My recommendation is to go earlier morning when it opens at 10h00 as it will be less crowded.

Akihabara is also renowned for Anime and a lot of Manga shops complete the landscape, it is a noisy and busy day, but worth it as this is a true Japanese experience


Peak hours – Shinagawa

Shinagawa is a business area in Tokyo that offers many advantages, it is central, it is smaller than Tokyo station and therefore easier to locate the Shinkansen platforms, there is less queue at the counter to activate a rail pass for tourists and in general less queue all together

On the other hand, if you wish to activate your Rail Pass, make sure you go from 9.00 to 17.00 only

and the station can be mega busy at peak hours!! watch out!! the station is set as a mega corridor and it can feel daunting to jump in the flow.





Nikko – #1 – access

Nikko is a historical city 2 hours north of Tokyo in the Tochigi Prefecture.

Getting there is relatively easy although there is a small thing to know when taking the train in Kita-Senju. It appears that the express train needs a reserved seat ticket that you can buy, on top of your nomal train ride, at the gate to the platform

that platform is actually a bit like a Harry Potter special one! you need to go to the indicated platform in the station BUT once there, you need to walk all the way to the end and go through a special passage to a hidden platform for that train

you will then get a very vintage train all in brown velvet, so cute, kawaii desu ne

Enjoy the ride!


You may purchase a combined ticket that will include the return ticket and access to the bus in Nikko as well as the monuments. I did not as Nikko is a very walkable city.



The other day, wandering around Daikanyama, supposed to be a trendy upbeat tiny area, I found that very old Rice shop, offering so many different types from all regions of Japan, sold in pack or by the kilo

travel back in the time – slow food!